Arya Diamond 2nd Flush

Fresh taste reminiscent of chamomile. Floral and fruity aroma (grape and peach). Sweet and
silky on the palate. A classic, elegant 2nd flush.
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The Arya estate is one of the most renowned names among Darjeeling tea gardens.
Established in 1885 and located in the surroundings of this city, it has an area of 125
hectares and an altude between 900 and 1820 metres above sea level. It is fully
cerfied organic.
Every year Arya produces a limited quanty of an exclusive treasure - an extremely rare
tea named Pearl. This White Tea is craMed enrely by hand, with no machinery of any
kind used at any step of the producon. The rarity and delicacy of this tea begins at the
me of harvest. Handpicked just before dawn, when there is sll dew on the bushes
and the scent of jasmine fills the air, only the most delicate buds and young leaves are
plucked. Harvesng is thorough, requiring nine to ten pickers to produce a kilo of this
supreme quality. To understand the degree of skill involved, a single person can
produce a similar amount of black tea in the same area.
Quickly removed from the factory, the leaves are spread out in fine layers for four
hours so that the uniform heat of the sun's rays evaporates 60% of the moisture in the
leaves. More or less heat could spoil the tea. Small groups of eight to ten leaves are
then delicately hand-rolled in silk for eight to ten minutes, ensuring slight enzyme
breakdown and preserving the leaf's original appearance. The leaves are exposed to
the sun for two more hours to allow final drying. Without perfect clarity or sunlight on
the day the leaves are harvested, there can be no producon. It is not surprising then
that the available quanes of this wonder are very small.


Arya’s teas include:

Arya Pearl
Arya Ruby
Arya Topaz
Arya Emerald
Arya Diamond
Arya Clonal leaf
Arya green leaf

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