Sencha Tokujou, 1st.Flush, Familia Otsuka

G's/TEA 3 gr/tea

ML/WATER 150 ml

Temperatura 70º


Very elegant, sweet and delicate green tea from Shizouka. Fruity aroma of blueberries.

Photo 2: Mr & Mss Otsuka
Photo 3: Tea Plucker
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Sencha Tokujou, the magnificent first sencha of the year. The tender young leaves have an intensely fruity aroma at this time having had little exposure to the sun, resulting in a smooth and delicate sencha. The Fukamushi process, which involves steaming for longer (80 to 200 seconds) and at a higher temperature than the Asamushi method, breaks the cells of the leaves and allows them to exude their full aroma and flavor.

With this process, the leaves become finer and partially dissolve in the water, creating more body in the cup.

In the late 1860s, the lord of Kagegawa Castle, a vassal of the shogun Ieyashu Tokugama, rewarded the samurai Genpei Otsuka with land to farm. Five generations later, descendant Mr. Hiroshi Otsuka and his family maintain and manage the family farm, growing and manufacturing the highest quality tea.

A mountainous place blessed with fertile soils, springs, streams, morning mists and good sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean, lovingly cared for by the Otsuka family, whose rows of excellent varietal trees perfectly aligned and pruned seem almost sculpted.

Feeding them with a mixture of organic fertilizer and seeds that they cover with straw, providing them with nitrogen and amino acids that, absorbed by the roots, favour their growth and enhance the flavour of their infusion.

By harvesting only twice a year and skipping some harvests, they reduce stress on the bushes, allowing the leaves to grow more vigorously and concentrate more on nutrients, flavour and aroma.

Freshly cut, the leaves are taken to the factory where the Fukamushi manufacturing process begins, which consists of steaming, cooling, rolling and drying, followed by a meticulous selection process to create the base (Aracha) of the different teas that they make.

The good work of the Otsuka family has earned them many quality awards throughout their history at the Excellent Green Tea Fair that is held every year in Tokyo.

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