Pu erh


Puerh Palace Tribute

Cantidad 3g /té

Agua 150 ml

Temperatura 85º

Tiempo 3 mins

Año de producción 2020

A Pu erh Shou (cooked) produced from the plucking of the leaves of the Yunnan Big Leaf cultivar. The leaves are piled as part of the fermentation process to obtain the finished tea.

Mineral aroma with an earthy flavor, floral notes and velvety on the palate.

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The name Shou Pu Erh refers to a mature tea, its collected leaves post-fermented and aged. The process used to turn máochá (raw leaves) into mature tea is a relatively recent invention, first developed in 1972 by the tea factories Menghai and Kunming.

Conditions are manipulated to replicate the final result of the aging process, with the leaves undergoing prolonged bacterial fermentation in a humid environment under controlled conditions.
Natural cultures of bacteria and fungi, found in fermentation stacks throughout Yunnan province, vary widely from factory to factory, which in turn affects the different aromatic profiles of Pu Erh.

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