Tea Dripper

Capacity 800 ml

Weight (Incl. box) Aprox. 500g

Size 13× 13 × 16.5 cm

Did you know that tea leaves need space to open and unfurl completely so they can reveal there full potential and properties?

The round and wide shape of the Hario tea dripper allows this to happen. And not only the leaves unfurl completely for a better infusion, you will also make your tea momento special with the beauty of its different colors.

The Hario tea pot is glassware which means it does not preserve the flavour of previous infusions, so you can prepare all types of teas.

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Lid: AS resin
Glass Bowl: Heatproof glass
Inner Holder, Base: Silicone rubber

Filter, Inner Holder : Stainless steel
Switch: Polypropylene


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